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Swim team registration is closed for the 2020 season.

Click here for the updated 2020 Meet Schedule.

Kelly Farm Kingfish Swim Team

The Kelly Farm Kingfish Swim Team is a competitive program designed for swimmers ages 5-18.

Swimmers are trained in competition stroke techniques, and they practice or compete 5 days per week

from the end of May to mid/late July.

Swim team competitors do not need to be members of Kelly Farm Pool.

The program is designed for all ability levels of swimmers who have done either of the following:

1. Successfully completed Level 5 lessons and have a certificate.

2. Demonstrated that they are capable of treading water for 30 seconds and swimming 25 yards

of either freestyle or backstroke without assistance or stopping.

If in doubt, please contact Stephanie Hughes ( before registering.

If your swimmer is not yet able to perform those tasks, swim lessons would be a better choice until they can.

The ratio of instructors to pupils in lessons is designed to get children to those milestones safely and securely.

Lessons are available through our lifeguards at the pool for all members, please contact

any lifeguard once the pool opens for information and to register.

2020 Sign up sheet can be found below. Please register by May 17th. No money will be collected until practice begins.

2020 Meet & Event schedule, click here.

New swimmers will be assessed by coaches during the first week of practice to make sure they are ready to participate. New swimmers will need to be able to swim the length of the pool in order to be on the team. If your swimmer cannot swim 25 yards without stopping, then another year of lessons would be needed in order to join our competitive team. Before registering, please make sure you can commit to participating in at least 2 meets as required to be part of the Kelly Farm swim team. The 2020 Meet Schedule can be found by clicking the link above and on the team's Shutterfly site (link below). The Meet Schedule is still a draft and Volunteer jobs won't be posted until all team coaches finalize the schedule.

For Swim Team Member Only Site on SHUTTERFLY, Login required.